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Kim Jong Kook scandal

Actually I don't really like to use the word "scandal" but if I put loveline, he didn't have a loveline with some of these women. Also, I don't like to see him in loveline except for the fact that I can see romantic side of him. It is just because some people only making fussy about it and  bashing him when they want the girl to be with other person. It really happen for several times I think. So now I will start to write about his scandals( I really don't like this word but I also don't know better word with same meaning then), I'll do base on the sequence they appeared as in from X-man to Running Man.

Park Soojin

I'm not sure if I use the correct surname. She is the first person known to have crush on KJK in X-man, and it was before KJK-YEH scandal. She have a crush on KJK since 2 years before their meeting in X-man. However I think she only came twice during the time KJK in X-man.

Yoon Eun Hye

She is his long-last scandal, starting from X-man days until now. Nowadays there are people who still talk about their scandal. It's just maybe their loveline during X-man left a big impression and make people think that they dated in real life. So story about them didn't stop even after Yoon Eun Hye left the show followed by KJK when he joined army. Their scandal started in X-man 23 when they appeared in newspaper headline not long before. Before they became an official couple of X-man, they always being a partner during couple selection. They have known as strongest couple and also gain the name Sunday couple in X-man. Hence it become an issue when YEH featured in one of KJK music video 'Saying I Love You'. Even after KJK finished his duties in military service people keep brought up their story in show he appeared or interview. However his answer for the question about YEH in the show Golden Fishery became an issue. It's not like he is the one who want to open the story but the MC insisted to ask the question. Some of YEH fans labelled KJK as a user which means he want to seek for attention by using the story from the past. I think he already popular even before he involved in this scandal.

Chae Yeon

Even it also happen during X-man days they were not like official couple in the program. I think it's Chae Yeon who make the first move when she always chose KJK in couple game, one of the popular segment in X-man. During Dangyunhaji game in episode 50 if I'm not mistaken, KJK address her as Jin Suk which is her original name. This bring back the story when they first meet during Turbo fan meeting and Chae Yeon who always his big fan since Turbo days. There are some moment of them in show Love Letter but I only watched some episode so I don't know much about it. But I don't think they are close in real life because Chae Yeon once appeared in show My Favourite and they seem awkward with each other.

Hye Bin

I'm not sure 2 if she is the second women related to him or Chae Yeon. Whatever but she also KJK fan when he still in Turbo. She confessed that the first and last letter she ever wrote was for KJK. Her story with KJK a bit similar with Chae Yeon except for KJK knew Chae Yeon before she debuted. So I don't have much to write about her.

*If I want to write a detail of every women who want to be with him during X-man, it just takes me a day. I have to remember which episode and their moment then. So here are the name, Kang Eun Bi, Hwang Bo, Shin Ae. Also I think they are not being real, maybe arranged by the PDs.

Park Yejin

It was a fake scandal created by Yoo Jae Suk and Daesung during Family Outing season 1. After the scandal was created, other members kept teasing them as if it is a true scandal. PYJ also featured in one of KJK music video for a song 'Don't Be Good To Me'. They became a good friend after filmed the music video until now. Maybe because KJK don't really interact with her before their scandal so MC Yoo did it. They really don't have much interaction between each other and barely talk if needed on early episodes. Yoon Jong Shin gave them a name 'Savage Couple'.

Lee Hyori

The first episode KJK joined FO as a permanent member, Hyori acted shy around him as they knew each other for almost 10 years in entertainment industry but didn't know each other that well. As for their awkwardness, the caption always mentioned them as an Awkward couple. They grew closer after some episode and also trough their bickering. In one of the episode, Hyori started a new relation with KJK where she said that KJK is her pet. Sometimes I just don't like when Hyori going overboard with him. After FO ended, as always their scandal would be brought in interview and shows. KJK fans got angry when Hyori acted a bit rude in Happy Together where she used 'that person' when referred to KJK. MC asked her about their scandal and Hyori answered 'That person keep bringing it up because he don't have anything to talk about'. It was the same case with YEH, where MC is the person who want brought it up and he just answer it. He also denied about their relation and said he doesn't kept Hyori's phone number.

Song Ji Hyo

She is one of the member of Running Man along with KJK. Even though she have a loveline with Gary in RM, there are fans who shipped her with KJK. Their name is Spartace couple, combination of Sparta(KJK) and Ace(SJH). Their closeness in RM bring people to speculate about their relation. However some people denied it and said they just have brother and sister relationship. Whatever relationship they have, it's really interesting to see them work together in RM because of their chemistry and intelligence to solve the mission.

Moon Geunyong

It became a big issue after RM episode 114 and 115 has broadcasted. Some articles said 'Moon Geunyong makes Kim Jong Kook heart fluttered'. KJK mention in episode 114 that she is his ideal type. Since the episode's theme is X-man vs RM, HaHa, Kwang Soo and Jae Suk always mention YEH name. Kwang Soo and HaHa teasing KJK and MGY in the first mission when KJK blushed after they tried to pairing them together. There are scenes where KJK became shy in arm wrestling and staring contest. They continue the story in the next day when they paired for the entire games. Some fans assumed that it was PD plans to give the love line role to KJK since HaHa who always become a playboy in RM is getting married at that time. Maybe KJK doesn't have any feelings to MGY since the age gap too big. I don't know if it's true but KJK reactions such as shyness and blushing just common when people teasing him with any women.

Honestly, I don't have any favourite couple within this list. Don't get it wrong, I'm not a fan who will hurt when he is getting married. I just don't have specific person that I want to be with him. It's enough for me as long as he will getting married.

P/S: Love when he becomes a romantic man even sometimes I can't stand it.  ^.^

thanx read =)


  1. you say you won't get hurt if he gets married but you don't like any of the girls with him, you don't want to see him in a love line, and you see a lot of wrong things with these "couples" he WILL marry whoever he wants because is his life

  2. and why do you call them "scandals"? what is a scandal about a boy liking a girl? you are just jealous?

  3. i think there is sth wrong with you or you ship one of the girl with him. i said that " I just don't have specific person that I want to be with him. It's enough for me as long as he will get married."

    so which sentence did you misinterpreted as i don't like any of the girls with him? and FYI I am not jealous and I know he'll marry whoever he wants. such a weird comment.

  4. people calm down, the author was just narrating some lovelines jong kook got involved in. and she never said she hated the girls involved with kjk, its only that she don't have any favorites among them that's all. and the "scandal" term that she used is actually used when write-ups about kjk involving for example yeh came out. its common in korea that these kind of issues are in fact classified as scandal. well its not that i'm trying to defend the author but as a kjk fan i enjoyed the article, i see these lovelines as one of the accomplishment of our kjk despite him being shy towards women, women stick to him. i hope though she ends up with a really great woman (tbh i'm a kjk/yeh shipper but meh whoever kjk wants i'd support her too). fighting commander!

  5. The loveline with hyori was overboard but in the end kjk got the backlash not the girl...,--" I really hate forced loveline esp when the kjk doesnt even like the girl...aish i pity for him, hope he get married soon too many scandals with female celebrity til now...even now in rm they keep pairing him Hong Jin Young...her personality just like hyori too. Btw dont forget his loveline with goo hara I like the chemistry 😹